Tax Services

We offer the following Tax Services provided by a certified Tax Practitioner
Tax Registrations
VAT Registrations for companies who want to do voluntary VAT registrations and for companies that
earn over R1m in a year and it is compulsory to register for VAT.
PAYE Registrations for companies that have employees.
Income Tax registrations for Companies are a statutory requirement and we assist in ensuring your
registration is complete in all aspects including the registration of a company representative on the
SARS system.
Import and Export Permit Registration for companies who are importing and exporting products as
part of their business offering

Income Tax Submissions for individuals (ITR12)

Submitting a tax return can be stressful for you if you do not know how this is calculated and
therefore it is important you to have an experienced tax practitioner to submit your return on your
The benefits to individuals of submitting a return are:
You may have a refund due to you.
You will be able to borrow money if you are tax compliant
If you have submitted returns previously and choose not to submit this year, you could get penalties
charged to you.
You can’t access your retirement funding if you are not tax compliant
Filing returns makes you a good citizen contributing towards society.

Tax Submission for Businesses (ITR14)

Income tax submissions for companies are essential. We provide expert advice on the tax for your
business and look at all the allowable deductions before we submit your income tax return.
SARS has become very strict on businesses submitting their tax returns and are issuing high penalties
for those that do not submit their returns or miss the deadlines for submissions.
We take the stress away from you, the business owner, by representing you at SARS for your taxes
and submitting any audit requirements issued by SARS.

VAT submissions (VAT102)

VAT submissions are specific to a period for each company with strict deadlines for submission and
payment. If VAT payments are not within the time frame for you company, there is interest and
penalties to be paid.
We take on the responsibility of reminding you of the period for your VAT submission, analysis of
your VAT schedules and submitting the correct VAT submission to SARS. We handle any audit
queries on a submission to ensure we submit the relevant documents for the audit.

PAYE submissions (EMP201 and EMP501)

PAYE is important for employers to submit timeously and pay the relevant amounts on time. PAYE
impacts on the employee as well as the employer. SARS takes this very serious and ensures penalties
and interests are charged immediately on late submission and payment.
We take care of your monthly EMP201 submissions and your bi-annual EMP501 submissions.

Tax Audits

We handle all verifications and audits issued by SARS on submissions we do for you.

Tax Disputes

If you are not happy with the outcome of a tax assessment, we will review it and advise you handle
the dispute if we think it merits it.

Tax Consulting

We offer tax consulting on all aspects of tax and will advise you the best way to handle and submit
your tax. We review your current financials and will advise the best way to legally change the way
that your company accounts for income and expenses.